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Propinsi Jawa Barat, Indonesia
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Compost Barrel Biophoskko

Compost Roller Biophoskko ® [Compost Roller] has dimension (length = 90 cm, width and tube's diameter = 60 cm, height = 90 cm), with specification of tube made of HDPE material, thickness of 3 to 3.3 mm of solid materials, aeration pipe with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), insulation made of PVC plate thickness of 2 mm, and paint with a quality car paints, and in support with other equipment (hinges, locks, faucets) stainless steel, and frame made of UNP steel. Roller Capacity Compost Biophoskko ® 200 L is 0, 2 m3 (200 liters) of waste volume or weight equivalent to 75 kg, will be able to process waste from approximately 10 (ten) days of a household garbage. Known, every soul out 2, 6 liters of waste per day or 13 liters per family with five people per family. Estimation results in the form of compost (40 percent of the weight of 75 kg or = 30 kg) and about 5 bottles @ 500 ml of liquid organic fertilizer. The use of liquid fertilizer to be done first mixing with water by 10 x volume (part) before use of liquid fertilizer on crop fertilization *) This composter is capable of providing sufficient aeration for the workings of the bacteria in the activator Green Phoskko, PH ensure stability, keep the temperature at mesophilic conditions (30-50 degrees C), keep the humidity at 40-60% moisture content.