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Biophosko Composter (Rotary Klin RKE-1000L Type) as one of some Kencana Articles

Biophosko® Composter (Rotary Klin RKE-1000L Type) as one of some Kencana Articles, Dimension [Height= 190 cm, Diameter= 155 cm, Width= 290 cm and 750 kg weight] made of metal and fiber resin, motor engine 3 House Power (HP)- and others aeration tools. Trash Rotary Klin Composter Biophosko® (Rotary Klin Type with Motor Engine RKE-1000L) is a perfect solution to overcome communal trash problem at the city that dominated by organic trash such as traditional market trash, restaurant, hotel, and also domestic's trash that comes from households within one RW (administrative unit at the next-to-lowest level in city, consisting of several RTs) or even a few RWs or public residence/estate. _____________________________________________ Organic trash categories (degradable material) including food remnants, paper, residu of fish bone, fruit peel, pieces of vegetables, etc). Convert organic trashes into something usefull- which is compost- that'll usefull to maintenance the fertile of the soil and as nutrient supllier to the plants around the environments like the public's resident, hotel, restaurant, public's environment, etc. Compost can also sells commercially to farmers, garden owners, to everyone who has hobbies in gardening, plantation, hobbies in florish, and gardening. _______________________________________________ Simple and easy to apply, just prepare trashes 3 m³ (3 meter cubic) or equal about 1 tons. First, trash must be cut into small pieces (about 10-15 mm) using knives or chopper. Put it into mixture container or on a four sided wall or put it directly into Composter Rotary Klin RKE-1000L. In different container prepare 1 kg (0.1 % from organic trash materials) the Green Phoskko® Compost Activator probiotic microbe, add molases or sugar for 9 spoons and mixed it flat and keep for 2-4 hours. After it blend, pour Green Phoskko® Compost Activator liquid in to the pile of organic trashes within the composter, and then mixed it with 30 kg ( 3% from organic trash materials) Green Phoskko® Bulking Agent, stir it flat by paddling the rotary by motor engine, for 15 minutes. _________________________________________________ While the Bulking Agent absorbing into the trash in process, a few days later heat reaction will occur, measure it by using a thermometer, if the temperature is more than 55 degree celcius, do the aeration by stir the exhaust fan that locate by the side of the machine. Till the day 3rd to 5th the decomposition process took places- along with symptoms: Composter Reactor got heated/hot, (up to 70 degree celcius), a steam comes up, do the aeration each time the temperature more than 55 degree celcius. At the day 5th - 7th if the temperature below 30 degree celcius or it has considered cool, put out the compost from the composter and keep at the cool places and keep it covered with the sack package (PE) for cooling it down and can be put in the bulk and placed it in the cool around. Within a few days later (7 days), compost substances will dried up and loose. Sieve it till separate the (micro) slip off granule mess 10 mm with the big substances. Put it the piled up of micro granule into packaging that has planned. Now you have your own compost made by your self which is ready to sells or used directly for your plantation's.+)

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